Musical Scavenger Hunt

Musical Scavenger Hunt

This is a summer themed scavenger hunt game intended for Primary school, and played Around school.
Learning about musical instruments while running around in a fun scavenger hunt. . It is totally free to download, enjoy

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This instrument is long and skinny and has many keys. It likes to hang out where we do our songleading!
You are doing great. The next instrument is quite large and when is played by strumming the strings. It makes very melodic sounds and is often used in symphonies. It can be found where the tennis rackets sleep overnight.
Good job! Next on the list is a fat instrument that likes to be tapped with sticks or hands. It is a lot of fun and can be found where we search for fish each day!
Four more to go until you reach the prize! This next instrument is used in the Scottish and Irish culture and is played by blowing into it and pressing different keys to change the pitch. There is a bag attached to it. It can be found right where you enter in to the outdoor pool.
On to the next one! This instrument makes beautiful sounds in all different keys. It is too big to be moved easily and can be for classical music or fun fast paces songs! You can find it swinging on tires!
Just a few left to go! This instrument is very small and is played by blowing on it and moving your mouth and fingers in different areas to change the pitch. It can be found where the mobile climbing wall lives.
You found it again! Our next instrument can often be seen at camp and is played by strumming the strings. It can be acoustic or plugged in to an amplifier. It can be found hanging our where we hang our flags each day!
The next instrument is silimar to a guitar but is used more for bluegrass music. It is more circular shaped than a guitar. It can be found in the dugout in between the fields.
A few more to go! The next instrument are either silver or gold and make a loud high pitched noise when hit together. It can be found where the teens meet each morning.
The last instrument for today is a small fun instrument that you only have to blow into to play! It makes a funny sounds that changes with the pitch of your voice! Once you find it where our horses hang out, you will each receive one to take home! Great job today!!

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