Slumbering Tsar Scavenger Hunt

Slumbering Tsar Scavenger Hunt

This is a wizards themed scavenger hunt game intended for Adults, and played Around town.
Challenge begins Wednesday @ 6 PM. All pictures must be dated after that time. You may do some, all or none of the challenges. Team with most XP by Saturday at 12 PM wins three fold prize: 1. Gift Card from KAB 2. Experience points equal to the challenge level achieved (only winning team earns this). 3. All losing players will post a comment on FB home page that states: " Rate my profile picture", showing one of the pictures taken in our game. This will be up for 48 hours beginning immediately after the challenge ends. If you have no pictures, you will find a picture of Dick Cheney to use as a profile picture.. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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The dead were some of the very first found in ""The Camp", in Billings our own dead are also to be found. Take a picture of your team member at the Boothill cemetery. Level 1 Challenge
The Army of Light sacrificed morality for strength. Pick a moral issue and take the opposite stance, posting it on both team member's FB walls. Title it, "Burning with rage". Originality and humor will be judged by DM.5th Level Challenge
At an Oasis in the Ashen Waste Druids turned the blood of victims into soil. At our own Oasis in Billings people also lose their shirts. Obtain a hard copy brochure from the Oasis water park or head down to the Oasis Health Spa and book an appointment. Level 2 Challenge
Role Playing is something we all do for fun. Each partner dresses as the other person's character and takes a picture. Costume and originality judged by DM. 6th Level Challenge
The Battle hulk found in the Bone Fields will aid in killing enemies. In Billings we have a lot of battle hulks laying around. Ask someone to take a picture of you and your team mate modeling near a car or truck that not your own and is more than 20 years old. Level 3 challenge
Many demons lurk in Tsar and the desolation. We all have inner demons to expel. Donate, money food or 1 hour of time to a charity. Get a receipt with date. 6th Level challenge
The Midnight Peddler gave clues for junk. Exchange an item of junk to a stranger for that person's picture holding the junk you gave or offer to take out a stranger's garbage get picture. Level 5 challenge
The Lich in Camp is an old dude. Take a picture of a team member with a STRANGER holding their ID card. Oldest person wins. 8th level challenge
In "The Camp" the Bender Brothers had a ramshackle home created out of various stolen wood. In Billings we have many homes like this. Find the ugliest lived in house you know and take a picture of your partner standing in the yard. GM will judge ugliest house. Level 2 challenge
They say Orcus is nearly undefeatable. Without teamwork you won't survive. Take a picture of your team member surrounded by members of the opposite sex. Most people in picture wins. 10th level challenge

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