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Search and Go

This is a insects themed scavenger hunt game intended for Primary school, and played Around home and back yard.
Go on several missions to find the surprise at the end. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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During the game you have to find 10 crayons hidden all around the house. Put them in your Pocket. 5-J 5-Z
Somewhere in the basement is a cutout of a circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle. Trace them and then join the paper drawing to the cutout with paper clips.
Find 2 Bars of Soap. One Each. They will be in a place where water lives. Take the soap and wash each others hands while singing Happy Birthday.
Go to the backyard and find 6 plastic bags with Jelly Beans. You must work as a team.
Look for SILVER money hidden somewhere in the basement. Look HIGH and LOW. There are 8 pieces all must be found to claim the prize at end of the game
Count the Jelly Beans in each bag. All bags but one will have an even number of beans. You will have to go back outside and find the missing bean. TEAMWORK is important!
Take a Band Aid and tape it to your forehead as straight as you can without using a mirror. Have your brother take a picture.
With the crayons you found earlier. Draw and color a flag for your special place. (school, home, bedroom etc.
Print your pictures and then find 2 envelopes and address them to Papa. You will need 2 stamps. You will find them where the milk is kept. Mail the photos.
This last mission is a bit tricky. Try to think of a store that has a Giraffe in its name. Mom can help. Ask Nana and Mom to drive you to this store where a surprise awaits you in the parking lot.

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