Olivia`s birthday

Olivia`s birthday

This is a wizards themed scavenger hunt game intended for Teenagers, and played Around home and back yard.
Wizards game . It is totally free to download, enjoy

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Clue #1: Run next door, up the hill and avoid the dementor. Knock twice and ask for a penny from the high school mentor.
Clue #2:Ollivander's wand chooses a kid but in our basement, you need a water bottle lid.
Clue #3: Whomping Willows are super rare, but if you run to yard, a pinecone you may snare
Clue #4: Clue #8: Draco tried to run as fast as he could but a dementor got him, he knew he would. Trapped in the chamber were clothes go round and round, you'll need a dryer sheet to stay safe from harm.
Clue #5: Out to the yard you may see a Hogwart's Beetle but what you want is a long pine needle.
Clue #6: Harry and Ron battled in this place with a mountain troll. To show you know, bring us back a paper roll.
Clue #7: Quick Wizards! Run through the front gate. Beg for a q-tip from 9668.
Clue #9: Hermoine is pretty and smart. To stay in the lead, run to 9655 ask for a safety pin that is sharp.
Clue #10: Scared of the Basilisk? Then you need to take a risk. Find and bring a yellow leaf to keep away from that snakes teeth.
Clue #11: Olivia is 13 but that doesn't need to be unlucky. Finish the hunt with smooth stone that is lucky.

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