Movie Party Letter Hunt

Movie Party Letter Hunt

This is a birthday-party themed scavenger hunt game intended for Teenagers, and played Around home and back yard.
We needed to kill time while the cameraman edited the film that the kids made. This was a winner.. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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For this clue you will need green fingers.The letter you need is where the water supply lingers. Keeping flowers healthy and bright, but Will you find it tonight?
Clue number 2 was quite hard to hide, travels far daily, you can go for a ride. Some seat 4,5,6,7 or more, some are even kept at the front door.
Number three, oh deary me, rhyming all the time I be! To find this clue think of a golf ball and where it sits for a shot. Add the R to find a shaded spot.
Four!!! I think we all enjoy these. Can beam right up to the trees. Can be sore if you fall off though. Just hold on tight. Weeeeeeeeee!
Clue number 5. If it was in the garden look under a rake, or if it was meaty look under a steak, but this is something sweet, so it's under a cup ....?
Clue 6. There are many animals in the countryside. Most of them like to hide. This one is in plain sight, doesn't just come out at night. It's rather long and made of steel and gives you a FLYING feel?
Clue 7. When the party's over and we all go to bed, this thing gets very well fed. All the left overs are chucked in. It's not a clean place, our smelly grey ...?
Clue 8.Streetlights and lanterns are useful, if out for a camp, but in the house you can see better with the help from a ....?
Clue 9 is the last clue to find. You will only miss it if you are blind. It's under a thing that you walk on in style which is brightly coloured, but not as long as a mile.
Now you have all your letters found. You will need to jumble them around. They will spell a very well known town. The word sits on the side of a hill looking down?

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