I Spy At Sanibel Island Golf Club

I Spy At Sanibel Island Golf Club

This is a reptiles themed scavenger hunt game intended for Primary school, and played Out in nature.
While you're driving around the course, check off what you find!. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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Marsh Rabbit(s):Smaller than your typical cotton tail rabbit, Marsh Rabbits have a darker shade, and a small gray-brown tail. 
American Crocodile: A shy and reclusive species that lives in brackish and salt water areas, like ponds, mangrove swamps, and creeks
Green Iguana(s):Invasive  species to Florida. They are attracted to most trees with foliage and love fruits and vegetables.  
American Alligator(s):Alligators have a broad, rounded snout with no lower teeth visible when their jaw is closed. The American crocodile has a narrow snout, and the fourth tooth of the lower jaw protrudes when closed. 
Osprey(s):Also known as "Fish Hawks", hover above the water and then swoop down on their prey with talons out. 
Red Shouldered Hawk(s):Adults are colorful hawks with dark-and-white checkered wings and warm reddish barring on the breast. The tail is black with narrow white bands. Immature hawks are brown above and white below streaked with brown.
Southern Black Racer(s): this non venomous snake is found primarily in scrubs, prairies, sandy hills, and grasslands.  
American Fish Crow(s): When Fish Crows find a good source of food, they may cache the surplus for later. These hiding places can be in grass, in clumps of Spanish moss, or in crevices in tree bark. 
Yellow Rat Snake(s): Are great swimmers and love to be near water. They are primarily active during dusk and at night. 
Peninsula Cooter Turtle(s):has a brown carapace with golden and yellow stripes all over it. This turtle inhabits lakes, sloughs, marshes, swamps, ponds, slow moving streams, and other fresh water bodies

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