English First hunt..

English First hunt..

This is a dinosaurs themed scavenger hunt game intended for Primary school, and played Around school.
I get all the pizza. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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I am a coin..I am small and round. I am from Canada. I am a Penny I am yellow. I am a flower. I am a Dandilion
I come to life when you put your hand inside of me. I am a puppet. I am made of wood. I clean your teeth. I am a toothpick.
I am small.I am shiny. I keep paper together. I am a Paper clip.
I am red,covered in wood and I make pictures colourful. I am a red pencil crayon. I am green and am the same as red except for my colour.
I erase your mistakes on paper. I am white and made of rubber. I am an eraser. I am used with paint of different colours..To make a pretty picture. I am a paint brush.
I am green,rather big,and I am used by a teacher to write on a whiteboard.I am a green marker I am made of paper. I am soft. I am found on a roll. I am toiet paper.
I am small and blue.I am made of glass. I am a blue glass bead. I clean the white board when the teacher is done. I am a white board eraser.
I am clear.You can hold water or juice. You drink from me.I am a cup. I keep the room cool. I am a rectangle and white. I have many buttons. I am a remote control.
I cut paper nice and neat. I am scissors. I stick to metal and hold things to your fridge. I am a magnet.
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