Busch Gardens Scavenger Hunt

Busch Gardens Scavenger Hunt

This is a reptiles themed scavenger hunt game intended for other, and played At the park.
Scavenger hunt if you are bored at Busch Gardens!. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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A king was born upon a desert floor. He began to rule at age nine striving for more. He died at an early age as his life was doomed. His body was encased in a wooden crate, the King was entoumbed. Head to this location for your chance to experience a bit of archeology and observe archeologists findings on display...you may see some interesting artifacts as Meggie leads the way!
When this furry animal feels threatened, it uses its thick, bushy tail as a warning sign to others. Its tail serves as a balancing mechanism for when it leaps through the trees! Here are the letters to unscramble... MLEUR (If you need help use the word bank above...please!)
Think of numbers odd numbers one through nine. Those numbers are when "Iceploration" begins at The Moroccan Palace Theatre-so plan ahead and you'll be fine! Here you will observe many habitats and climate changes on ice. Enjoy the thirty minute show- in your envelope is a list for when the show is done to jot down some thoughts on what you know.
Find an animal that weighs less than you and has a tail. Then draw the foot print in this box that you'd find the animal making along its own trail.
Some vivid verbs that are clues to help you guess... the next adventure will be a thrilling success! Verbs: flowing, twirling, plunging, floating. When you are finished drying off be sure to check off the adjectives that described your experience along the Congo River!
How many inches tall do you have to be to ride the longest rollercoaster at the park? ______________________
Get your camera ready to zoom in on the worlds fastest land animal- a cat!. This animal is unable to retract or pull in its claws when sprinting because it helps create traction so it doesn't slip or skid on the surface and bump into something. This is called an adpation- where something helps the animal survive.
Find an animal that has stripes on its back and weighs less than you. Then draw and label it in the box.
This consumer preys on zebras and buffalo. The animal is an aggressive hunter. The mammal is able to digest the teeth, horns, and bones from its prey. When you find this animal that starts with an "H" and ends with an "a", spend a few minutes sketching how the animal depends on the plants in its habitat. One more hint to help you out- below are the letters to unscramble- EHYNA
Find signs in the park that begin with each vowel and record it below. ____________________________________________________

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