This is a autumn themed scavenger hunt game intended for Teenagers, and played Out in nature.
Birthday Party. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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You must create a name for your team, it must be punny. *Best name wins 5 extra points
Saddle up! You must find not 1 but 2 horses and very carefully, 2 team members will ride each horse. Take a picture and send it to Stacy.
You must figure out the riddle, find the answer, take a picture and send to Stacy. *Riddle me this: What runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps?
Create a message using at least 1 rock, 1 leaf, 1 piece of garbage. Be creative, take a picture of the message and send to Stacy. *Make sure you destroy it when finished, you don%u2019t want the other team to steal your idea.
Do the chicken dace (yes, you have to sing) near the volleyball net, with the entire team, someone has to video at least 5 seconds long. Send to Stacy. * 5 extra points if you convince a stranger to dance with you.
You must figure out the riddle, find the answer, take a picture and send to Stacy. *Riddle me this: What has hands without arms and a face without a nose?
Have 1 team member take a picture of the rest of the team hiding, this can be anywhere on the property.
You must do the bunny hop to your next location, yes the entire way. Oh, and sing the Bunny Hop song!
What? You say you%u2019ve always wanted to be a fashion designer? Well it%u2019s your lucky day. Go to the Red Wood deck, find your supplies and create a dress. You can only use the supplies provided. Multiple pictures must be taken for judgement and sent to Stacy. *Winner wins 5 extra points.
The living room is divided into 2 sections. You must create a fort using only the supplies provided and anything on your side of the room.

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