Asian Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Asian Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

This is a christmas themed scavenger hunt game intended for Teenagers, and played other.
Asian Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt. It is totally free to download, enjoy

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christmas scavenger hunt background
Persimmon - fruit that was first cultivated in China, sweet with a tangy flavor, also marketed as a Sharon fruit
Daikon - also known as a white radish, mild flavored, oftened used in pickling in Japan or Vietnam or soup in Korea
Durian - considered the "king of all fruit" in southeast Asia, known for it's strong odor and size Dry seeds (White)
Shiitake Mushrooms - native to East Asia, can be found fresh or dried, considered a forms of traditional medicine
Vermicelli noodles - thin form of rice noodles, a staple across several countries in Asia, most commonly found in soup, stir fries or salads
Jasmine rice - long grain rice, most commonly cultivated in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, grain is soft and has a slightly sweet flavor
Oolong tea - traditional chinese tea, taste varies depending on horticulture and style of production
Five Spice Powder - A Chinese spice blend, used to flavor stir fries, stews and meat dishes
Pocky sticks - popular Japanese snack amongst teenagers, sold at most international supermarkets
Nong Shim Shrimp Crackers - shaped like french fries, popular snack in South Korea and a staple in most asian households

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