The "What am I" nursing scavanger hunt

The "What am I" nursing scavanger hunt

This is a brain-science themed scavenger hunt game intended for Adults, and played other.
I created this to see how it would work and it went great. Hand my thinking and searching. . It is totally free to download, enjoy

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I'm a useful tool, long and thin. I see you once or twice a day, or sometimes not at all. You keep me near the damp and dank, usually dangling on a plank. What am I?
When I'm filled I can point the way, but when I'm empty I will stay. I have two skins one without and one within. I'm your standard protection in many ways. What am I?
Poke your fingers in my eyes, makes me open wide. I'm used to eradicate the unneeded, thin and frail. Though struck by stone may break me, or could make me stronger. What am I?
I can't be seen during the day, but when evenings comes I'm out to play. I'm not black, blue, or even red. I twirl around with you repeatedly so you know what I say. What Am I?
You use me to my max potential, but still you leave a void in me. I don't have baggage, or attachments, but I'm still ignored by all the Woman. Strong men stand with me, while weak men lay with me. What am I?
I can be soft or tough, long or short. Push to rough, I'll make you sore. Use to much, I'll get stuck. If I'm gone before you go, handshakes will be a no . What am I?
I have a number of ways in which I am used, while some are practical, in others I may be misused. An office is where I am most commonly put to use. When school children wish to play, I may become a projectile for a day. What am i?
I can be split, but can't be cracked. I can be stripped, but never dressed. I'm never wanted early, or too late, my brightest days are up to fate. What am I?
I can be Red, Yellow, or Blue. All colors and sizes to protect you. I'm best not to tight or not to loose and should always be on you at night. What am I?
Signed by a department head.

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