A`hoy Scavengers!

A`hoy Scavengers!

This is a marine-mammals themed scavenger hunt game intended for Adults, and played other.
Complete as many tasks as you can before time runs out, you have 45 min! The team with the most points overall wins! . It is totally free to download, enjoy

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Find someone who is over 6'3" tall and 30 years old or older. Take a photo with them. -4 points
Dress one team member in a pirate hat and a mustache. Take a photo. 4 points, 10 points if you find someone dressed in a pirate hat who has a real mustache!
!!!2 CHALLENGES IN ONE !!! 1)Purchase a REALLY CREEPY antique with an owl on it. 2)Find 3 different green rocks and bring them back with you. -4pts each, 9pts if you do both! -6 points
Between team members, chew an entire pack of Zebra Gum and put it on the gum wall. Must spell BETH with the gum. Bring back empty pack of gum. -7 points
Take a photo of 3 different people wearing cat shirts. One point per shirt. 1-3 points possible
Get one team member to put a slice of lemon and lime in their mouth at the same time and hold it there for 2 minutes. VIDEO! -8 points
Get a store employee to explain the benefits of buying and sleeping on an organic mattress. VIDEO! -10 points
Buy a gluten free pastry and a regular pastry and get a stranger to taste and identify which is which. Feed left over gluten free pastry to a seagull. VIDEO of both! -10 points.
Get a stranger to sing the national anthem start to finish. VIDEO! -10 points
One team member must pretend to be a weather reporter. Create a 4-5 minute video that simulate windy or rainy conditions during video. Must make it look as real as possible! VIDEO! -10 points

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